About Melted Clock Studio

Melted Clock Studio is a half-hour format television show, featuring contemporary comedy skits with something for everyone. Recurring segments and features range from musical “Million Dolla Records” clips – a wild takeoff on today’s music videos – to humorous vignettes and skits, such as “Where Are They Now?” celebrity spoofs, edgy stand-up comedy routines and “reality show”-type parodies... to name but a few.

The show’s edgy quality starts with the unique trademark style of the “Villebillies” – a cutting-edge American rock band formed by co-founders Demi Demaree and Dustin Tucker, both from Louisville, KY. Melted Clock Studio is then taken to even greater levels of zaniness by seasoned videographer and editor, Shaun Wilson, also a native of Kentucky, who is one of the developers of “Steel Dreams TV” – a weekly syndicated television show currently seen in over 79 million households nationwide.

Together, Demi Demaree, Dustin Tucker and Shanu C. Wilson have over 20-years of solid entertainment experience, ranging from hundreds of live stage performances and featured albums on major record labels to producing hundreds of hours of quality television programming broadcast nationally on network TV stations to this day.

Today, Melted Clock Studio ushers in a new era of originality, pop musical talent and quality programming – supported with the drive, dedication and experience to gain both the attention of viewers and a loyal following.

Melted Clock Studio is shot entirely in High Definition for optimal imaging, with a high-quality, “shot on film” look that offers quality HD programming that meets both contemporary station formats and the expectations of today’s HDTV viewer.

One major aspect, that sets this series apart from other contemporary TV shows, is a clever comedy format that features only 100% original and compelling new music in it's weekly line-up... making Melted Clock Studio today’s “don’t blink” TV.


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