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Melted Clock Studio is a cutting edge fully functional production company. Melted Clock has a broad spectrum of specialties. We create, produce, film, direct, edit and deliver original television programming as well as high quality industry standard music video production.

First, we have Shaun Wilson, "the technical guy" an experienced camera man, editor, and producer with years of professional experience. Second, we have Dustin ”Tuck” Tucker and Demi Demaree. Tuck and Demi are the co-founders of the Louisville based band, the Villebillies, which formed in 2001 and released their debut album on Universal Motown Records in 2006. Their music has been featured on ESPN and MTV’s reality shows “Next” and “Exposed.” They have also written, recorded, and produced music for the children’s show “The Banana Splits,” which airs on the Cartoon Network regularly. Last but not least, we have Nick Leonhardt, a very accomplished web designer and production coordinator.

"We are a very diverse group of creative professionals"

Together, the Villebillies and Shaun Wilson have over 20-years of solid entertainment experience, ranging from hundreds of live stage performances and featured albums on major record labels to producing hundreds of hours of quality television programming broadcast nationally on network TV stations to this day. Today, Melted Clock Studio ushers in a new era of originality, pop musical talent and quality programming – supported with the drive, dedication and experience to gain both the attention of viewers and a loyal following.

Melted Clock Studio is shot entirely in High Definition for optimal imaging, with a high-quality, “shot on film” look that offers quality HD programming that meets both contemporary station formats and the expectations of today’s HDTV viewer. Melted Clock Studio was developed for one reason, to bring you quality entertainment with an edge and is made up of many different angles of the entertainment industry.

Creatively, these guys have it, from producing and writing relevant music, to writing and performing sketch comedy video segments. Together, Shaun, Nick, Tuck and Demi, come together to merge their ideas and talents to form Melted Clock Studio,the ground breaking production company giving you entertainment, comedy, music, and film.


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